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Grow Your Tenner


Note this time and date: 10 am, Tuesday 17th October. GROW YOUR TENNER

From that moment for 4 weeks:

  • If you give us a one-off donation of £10 our friends at Local Giving will double it!
  • If you set up a direct debit for JtoJ  for a year, they will double six of your monthly donations of up to £10 a month!

As a supporter of Journey to Justice, we know you share our vision of a world in which everyone feels responsible for social justice and is active in promoting and ensuring it.

Watch our latest film about training (six minutes):

Since we started we have managed to get funding for a wide range of activities all over the country, with plans and bookings well into 2020. But we also need to pay for materials, room bookings, transport, publicity and eventually staff and office space.

Without this core funding we cannot survive in the long term.

You help us in so many ways and we really appreciate the support you’ve already given.

It’s hard asking for money from people who already help so much. But we really, really need this regular secure income. So please consider setting up monthly donations through Local Giving. We understand that not everyone can afford it, but if you can we suggest £10 per month.

How does it work?

  • On Tuesday 17th Oct after 10 am, or any time over the following few days, go to and donate up to £10 as a one-off donation
  • Then return to the site and enter the amount you want to give each month, clicking the box saying ‘Make it a monthly donation’. You will be taken through very simple steps. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza or booking a cinema ticket online!

If you donate £10 a month, after a year you will have given £120 + £10 and we will have received just over £200 (including Gift Aid).

So please think about it, and if you can, support us on 17th Oct – not before then and not before ten. Save the date: 10 am, Tuesday 17th October. GROW YOUR TENNER. And the offer continues for four weeks until November 14th.


With many thanks from everyone at JtoJ




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