Journey to Justice


People who have advised Journey to Justice to date


  • Andy Koumi, Manager at Exposure
  • Flo Codjoe, Development Officer at Exposure
  • Elizabeth Henry, National Adviser for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns at the Church of England
  • Abdi Cadani, cameraman with CBS News
  • Sean Pettis, Project Coordinator for ‘Facing Our History, Shaping the Future’
  • Jacob Whittingham, programme director at SE1 United
  • Sarah Stewart, communications specialist
  • Hannah Ishmael, former assistant Archivist at the Black Cultural Archives
  • Anneka Bhosle, curator and archivist
  • Sophie Bloch-Stewart, graduate of American Studies


Race equality/Social justice/community

  • Rob Berkeley, former Director, Runnymede Trust.
  • Simon Woolley, Director, Operation Black Vote.
  • Jenny Bourne, Institute of Race Relations
  • Gillian Walnes MBE, Executive Director; Grace Nelson, Regional Project  Co-ordinator, Yorkshire& Humberside; Shona Gibbs, Programme Delivery Manager, Anne Frank Trust
  • Professor Francesca Klug, OBE, Director of the Human Rights Futures Project, LSE.
  • Derek Bardowell, former Dir. of Education, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.
  • David Lammy, MP for Tottenham
  • Sona Mahtani, Chief Executive, Selby Trust, Tottenham
  • Dr. Edie Friedman, Director, Jewish Council of Racial Equality.
  • Liz Cadogan, Social Justice consultant
  • Don Flynn, Director, Migrants’ Rights Network
  • Angie Kotler, former Managing Director, The Forgiveness Project.
  • Abby Kegg, Trust Manager, Ben Kinsella Trust.
  • Chris Coates, Librarian, TUC.
  • Kwaku, History consultant,
  • Marcia Saunders, participant in voter registration drive, Tennessee, 1964
  • Lillian Gerber, Youth worker, Pinpoint Mentoring Co-operative.
  • Patrick Taylor, Head of Programmes and Delivery, Envision
  • Dave Morris, Campaigns Officer, National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces.
  • Jason St. John – RMT official
  • Margaret Harris, Emeritus Prof of Voluntary Sector Organisation, Aston University.
  • Sophie Henderson, Director and Emily Miller Education Officer, Migration Museum.


Human rights and faith-based

  • Dr. Robert Beckford, Theology & Religious Studies, Canterbury Christchurch University.
  • Abigail Morris, Director, Jewish Museum.
  • Rabbi Shoshana Boyd-Gelfand, Director, JHub.
  • Harriet Crabtree, Director, Interfaith Network for the UK.



  • Sharon Monteith, Professor of American Studies, Founding Director of the Midlands3Cities DTP/Founding Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Race and Rights, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Alison Twells, Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Rachel Hasted, researcher/consultant, Inclusive Representation in Public History.
  • Professor Paul Gilroy, Cultural Studies, Kings College.
  • Ira Katznelson, Professor of Political Science and History, Colombia University, NYC.
  • Siobhan Warrington, Director, Oral Testimony Works
  • Professor Brian Ward, Head of American Studies, Northumbria University
  • Dr Stephen Tuck, Oxford University
  • Clodagh Miskelly, Consultant, Participatory Research and Communication.
  • Dr Michelle Johansen, School and Community Learning Officer and Stefan Dickers, Library and Archive Manager, Bishopsgate Library.
  • Professor Robert Cook& Professor Clive Webb, Sussex University, American Studies
  • Professor Philip Davies, Director, Eccles Centre for American Studies, British Library
  • Dave Rosenberg, teacher, writer, activist and tour guide.


Museum/archives contacts

  • Sue McAlpine, Curator, Hackney Museum.
  • Mark O’Neill, Director of Policy and Research, Glasgow Life.
  • Piotr Bienkowski, Cultural Consultant.
  • Joanne Rosenthal, Curator, Jewish Museum
  • Claire Ackroyd, Learning and Outreach Manager, Bradford Museums.
  • University College London Museum Studies Department.
  • Dr.  Rob Perks, Curator of Oral History, British Library.
  • Lucy Johnson, Exhibition Officer, National Museums Liverpool
  • Louise Sutherland, Head of Collections & Engagement, People’s History Museum
  • TEG (Touring Exhibitions Group)
  • Clare Stephens, Archivist &Deborah Hedgecock, Curator, Bruce Castle Museum.
  • Social Justice Alliance of Museums – Francoise McClafferty
  • Susie Fisher, Director, the Susie Fisher Group.
  • Zoe Dennington, Learning & Events Programming, The American Museum in Britain
  • Inbal Livne, Collections Manager, Powell-Cotton Museum.


Funding and strategy

  • Jenny Williams
  • Jane Steele, Director, Evidence and Learning, Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Charlotte Langley, Capital Campaign Director, Vitalise.
  • Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and Research, Institute of Fundraising.
  • Eugenie Harvey, Director, The Funding Network, Global.
  • Professor Barry Supple, CBE, FBA, Former Director of the Leverhulme Trust.
  • Rachael Ward, fundraising consultant.
  • Richard Boulton, Business Planning
  • Marie Gilmour, Business Planning
  • Jonathan Bloch, CEO, Exchange Data International.
  • Fiona Ellis, Director of Education, PFEG.
  • Amy Hinrichs, Development Manager, London Community Foundation
  • Andy Thornton, Chief Executive Officer, The Citizenship Foundation
  • Jennifer Oatley, Programme & Donor Relations Manager, London Community Fdn.
  • Danny Baldwin – Crowdfunding


Education – schools, FE and work-related

  • The Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership (M3C)
  • Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R), University of Nottingham
  • Professor Tony Gallagher, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Queens University, Belfast.
  • Toyin Agbetu, Community Educator.
  • Denise Barrows, former Head of Education and Learning, Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
  • Barbara Bleiman, Co-Director, English and Media Centre.
  • Asher Jacobsberg, Co-Director, Smart School Councils.
  • Nigel Rayment, Director, Magnified Learning.
  • Chris Rowe, Director, Navigation Learning.


Arts and Media

  • Franklyn Lane, Film and Media.
  • Tayo Aluko, writer, singer, actor.
  • Mary Spyrou, textile artist
  • Catherine Shrubshall, saxophonist
  • The Drum Arts Centre, Birmingham
  • Trish Kelly, ceramicist and artist
  • Ameena McConnell, Creative Fruits



  • Webster Wickham, Creative Designer, bwa design llp.
  • Carol Wilkins, freelance
  • Toby Treyer-Evans & Laurie Howell, Art Directors, Widen and Kennedy.
  • Bernie Donohoe, Vanishing Point Creative
  • Liv Wild, LMH education
  • Matt and Jill Matthews, brand designers


US: We are in touch with The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Atlanta, Georgia; The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama; The National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, Tennessee; Little Rock Central High School, National Historic Site. We work with US organisations whose projects are focused on civil rights and social action: Facing History and Ourselves & Street Law, Inc. We also aim to work with, amongst others: I Am A Man initiative in Memphis, the NAACP, the National Urban League, the Andy Goodman Foundation, Teaching Tolerance and the Center for Digital Storytelling’s All Together Now civil rights archive and are following the progress of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington DC opening in 2015.