Journey to Justice

Human Rights Presentation at The City Law School in London by JtoJ volunteer Michael Asamoah  

Journey to Justice volunteers gave a presentation on the work of Journey to Justice and its connection with human rights at The City Law School in London, England on Monday  27th November 2017 for students interested in this topic. The presentation was focused on the need for a society that is healthy and prosperous, the impact unfair treatment has had on people in the past, and the activities people have undertaken to create equality within society.

Educating people on equality is important as this could assist people in achieving their aspirations and in developing healthy and successful communities. The impact of unfair treatment –  based on gender, age, race and religion – could result in poor health within communities.  Fair treatment within communities makes them a better place to live in as this prevents prejudice and discrimination from occurring.

As a result of this well attended session several students expressed interest in hearing more and, in some cases, becoming Journey to Justice volunteers.