Journey to Justice

Fundraising event for JtoJ

Team member and English teacher Parul Motin held a fundraising evening at her home for friends and family to showcase the work of JtoJ. They enjoyed refreshments and the films and poetry of our projects and heard the views of young people who have gained so much from their involvement with JtoJ. Thanks everyone for your support and generosity, we could not do without you.

‘My favourite part today was watching the children express themselves through the power of poetry. It was extremely touching and inspiring.’ (Lili Bayne)

‘ I love Journey to Justice’s aims. I lacked knowledge in school and had to learn from my mum and the internet.’ (Rochelle Mullings)

‘It’s wonderful to know that JtoJ exists and serves to address and eradicate fear and equality. To see the impact it had on the children was awesome.’ (Nadia Altaf)

‘My day was educational.  I learnt many new stories!’ (Yusrah Kalyaci)

‘I look forward to seeing the great changes JtoJ will encourage.I have certainly gained a much more in depth understanding of what JtoJ stands for.’ (Afsana Motin)