Journey to Justice

JtoJ Music Fundraiser

As a performer:  I loved performing at Journey to Justice, there is something especially empowering about expressing yourself through music for an event with a purpose for good change!  As an audience member: I enjoyed listening to the stories and expressions of the other artists who all touched on the relative issues of today through their art. 

A wonderful evening of youth led entertainment in a fabulously supportive atmosphere. When ADZ asked if there were any hip hop fans in the room, as a fifty one year old white woman, I didn’t think I was one. But I was wrong! I had to leave early but wished I could have stayed. When’s the next one, please?

 I very much enjoyed the evening and it was so inspirational to hear the words and songs of so many talented young people. It was such a positive atmosphere and everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

It was exciting to see raw talent. The collaboration among musicians, technicians and organisers was clearly genuine and respectful. They melded naturally.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the evening but from the moment I got through the door I was entranced by the positive, clever talent the young people showed. Amongst all the recent/current tirade of negative news stories this was a positive bolt of energy which made me aware of the talent so many young people are showing despite and because of the hard reality they are now having to cope with.  So a huge ‘big up ‘ to them and their friends who are making themselves and their pain heard and a hearty thank you for such an enjoyable evening.

The beauty of the evening was the high quality, not only of the artists’ music but also the honesty in their lyrics, their integrity, warmth and respect for each others’ craft, and identification with the aims of JtoJ.  These young performers are truly inspirational and a reminder of how music and poetry of protest, solidarity and hope is alive in so many forms on our streets and in our clubs.

A spectacular event that I will remember for a long-time. It was quite nerve-racking at first because of some uncertainties and we wanted things to go well for JtoJ and the artists.  We wanted to learn from our previous events. However, all of this disappeared very quickly as soon as the artists started to perform and the crowd filled up the room. I felt overwhelmed by the amazing talent that our young people have. They have a vision for the world, they want to see change and they want people to listen to their journey, story and struggle though their music. A lot of effort has been put into organising this music fundraiser by every single one of us in JtoJ London team. Well done!

After arriving for my first collaboration with them, I quickly realised that Journey to Justice is a community of humans that really care. Performing for them was a great experience, anybody that really cares about art, learning from other people’s stories and wants to be empowered/empower others, get involved! You wont regret it! (I certainly didn’t)
Magic EKJ


Draft 5

soulful rnb from Kemi Sulola

spoken word from Solo Kulture

jazzy hiphop from Hasna D

Boy Nash

Magic EKJ


and the unforgettable voice of Naz
worldwide eclectic dance tunes from top DJ
Lo-Fi Odysseys:

All proceeds in aid of Journey to Justice
Journey to Justice (JtoJ) inspires and empowers people to take action for social justice through learning about human rights movements and the arts.

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