Journey to Justice


We are a group of educators, youth, community, human rights and faith organisations, artists, film makers, lawyers, musicians, historians, curators and trade unionists. Our patrons are Leyla Hussein, co-founder of Daughters of Eve and campaigner against gender based violence;  Baroness Helena Kennedy QC and Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC, outstanding human rights lawyers; Lord Herman Ouseley, founder of Kick It Out – an anti-discrimination football project,

Dr. Paul StephensonOBE, community worker, civil rights activist and leader of the successful 1963 Bristol Bus Boycott against the colour bar and Jean Stallings, civil rights and anti-poverty activist. Please see our management committee members and advisersVolunteer Stories – polaroids and paper clips and with many thanks to our volunteer Claire McLoughlin who researched and collated the stories. Read a Q and A in the Museums Association online journal about our work here.

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