Journey to Justice

Journey to Justice Thriving in Sheffield

Mark Hutchinson, former Chair of Journey to Justice, was invited to speak on April 19th to the Friends of Portland Works, a charity committed to renovating this historic cutlery factory in Sheffield in order to make it a beautiful, low-cost workspace where creativity, heritage and education can be celebrated by the local community. 

There was excellent attendance for Mark’s talk Stepping Out from the Shadow which took people on a journey through the 18th century to the present, showing the great achievements made by people from the Commonwealth who came to the city of Sheffield. Mark’s talk was sold out and people learned about Henry ‘Redhead’ Yorke, Pablo Fanque, a lady who welcomed runaway slaves into her home, a Sheffield connection with Malcolm X and many more. 

Mark’s talk was extremely well-received and he will be repeating it in May for those unable to get tickets this time. Here is some of the very positive feedback from the event. 

Dear Journey to Justice
I was proud to be part of the great talk at Portland Works last Wednesday by Mark Hutchinson.
From experience, telling people how they should think teaches people how they should think in public while thinking differently in private . 
Educating people helps people think for themselves and treat both occasions, private and public, the same and see others for who they are and treat them appropriately.
As someone who loves social history this talk opened your eyes and held the attention totally across a wide spectrum of people in the audience.
It was so successful that we are having to repeat it for those who could not get tickets.
Well done Mark! 

John Clarke Friends of Portland Works

Dear Mark
Went into the talk not knowing what to expect as some of the ones have seen before turn into a class in political correctness with no real meaning. Your talk was different it followed the roots and allowed your mind to be educated rather than telling you what to think. That is very hard to do and you were brilliant……….

Mark is now planning a second talk at a local history group in Grenoside on the outskirts of the city and working on several other presentations which he has been invited to give in Sheffield throughout the rest of the  year.

Great to see Journey to Justice thriving in Sheffield thanks to Mark’s dedication, enthusiasm and commitment! 

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