Journey to Justice

Journey to Justice and the University of Leicester – our partnership grows

JtoJ is delighted to be working with Professor George Lewis at the University of Leicester in order to find a permanent venue for our civil rights exhibition. After five years touring to 15 communities in England, seen by over 180,000 people, we can’t wait to see it installed in a new home in Leicester.

Building on our partnership with the university and its prestigious Museum Studies Department, together we developed a ‘live brief’ for Education students. Using our Economic Justice Project (EJP) as a focus, we asked them to imagine how the EJP stories, tactics, explainers and activities might be used by Museum Educators with a specific museum’s collection and audience. 

On March 10th Abi, Carrie and Pat ran an introduction session for the group, who then had a week to prepare their presentations. We were hugely impressed by the quality, creativity and richness of the outcome. Four powerful ideas emerged, choosing themes highlighting food justice, mental health, gender discrimination and the experience of textile workers past and present.  Audiences chosen were primary and KS4 school students, workers and patients in psychiatric hospitals.

Between them they have brought alive the potential of our new resource with approaches which are powerful, practical and transferable. Each of them included how their suggestions might galvanise people to take action for social justice in order to fit with the Journey to Justice mission. Brilliant!

“I am really inspired by your presentation and I appreciate the opportunity to meet you all! I am so impressed by the voluntary work you have done! And I start to think about us as Museum Studies students, what can we do to make this world a more justified and better place. This is also the reason why I feel enthusiastic to become one of the volunteers.

Museums and exhibitions have a lot of potentials and agencies to make the world a better place to live in for all of us.”
(Feedback from a workshop participant)

With many thanks to Dr. Rosemary Shirley, Dr. Nuala Morse, Gemma Cantlow and their students.

Abi Rhodes, Dr Rosie Shirley & Pat Boyer
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