Journey to Justice

JtoJ on France24

Don’t miss this brilliant 10 minute interview on France 24 with Tania Aubeelack, JtoJ trustee talking about our human rights work and its impact – reaching a global audience. Thank you!

Here is a taste of some of the wonderful feedback from Tania’s interview.

“Terrific – Tania was great!”
“Woohooo! Tania was great👏👏👏”
“I just watched Tania’s interview. Excellent. Please let her know she did a great job and I loved the clarity she summarised with it JtoJ values and work.
It also felt good to be reminded that: we don’t define the actions, every action even if small is part of an individual journey. The image of all these journeys joining to build a more decent society is very comforting in this ‘pandemic’ morning…
Thank you for the beautiful work you do.””I caught some of the interview…I was watching the French version at first. Great publicity for JtoJ and the project. Tania is a very effective advocate!””Tania was wonderful and spoke with clarity. So proud of JtoJ and all you’ve achieved.”
“Beautiful transition to announce our new work. I am reinvigorated just listening to Tania. How confident and powerfully she is expressing us.”

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