Journey to Justice

Kick It Out Live – 25th anniversary event at Plexal, Stratford 23rd August 2018

I really enjoyed celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Kick It Out. It was well-hosted and everyone who attended the event had a genuine passion and commitment to transform the world of football into a better and more inclusive place.  Carrie, Martin, Parul, Pat, Tamla and I ran a stall showing our films and examples of how our work links with various sports.

I talked to various people from different grassroots organisations and the FA and Premier League about the work of Journey to Justice. It was well-received as many took flyers, photos and left their contact details at our stall. There was a lot of interest in collaborating with us especially around workshops using untold stories and the arts.

I was intrigued by the question asked during a podcast session, ‘What is the point of football?’ and it confirmed the power of sports in uniting a diverse nation together. The highlight of the evening had to be seeing and hearing from our cherished patron Lord Herman Ouseley.

Tania Aubeelack, JtoJ Volunteer Coordinator

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