Journey to Justice

Journey to Justice: Hull

Forum for Justice
Sunday April 2nd 2017 evening
At Cottingham Road Baptist Church, Hull

JtoJ trustee Mark Hutchinson was part of a panel addressing current social (in)justice issues and their links to the past. He was joined by:

Ruth Dearnley OBE, CEO of STOP THE TRAFFIK and Reverend Dr Devon Dick, President of the Jamaica Baptist Union and a Justice of the Peace.  They made reference to the anniversaries of three eminent campaigners to help frame the discussion:

  • 500 years since Martin Luther published his thesis “on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences” and getting behind his motivation to expose the injustice of the indulgencies system was broadened out to institutional injustice of today, and not just well known large-scale cases, but also how we can recognise and confront issues that may be in our work places, sports clubs, places of worship or schools which can be both explicit and implicit, embedded through cultures, histories and blindness.
  • 230 years since William Wilberforce started campaigning against the colonial slave trade. The meeting was challenged to realise this is not a job done, but its effects are ongoing.   Trafficking and slavery are still happening, affecting millions of people. What are the trafficking routes today and how does this impact Hull and us?  Do we turn a blind eye or become part of the solution?
  • 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr was given the freedom of the city of Newcastle,  we need to hear again the challenge he laid down then that social injustice is not just a concern for the USA, but is a live issue for the UK. In what ways has the Brexit vote, or the refugee/asylum seeker issue around the world and in this country, highlighted live concerns within Hull?  Which prejudices are live and active and causing injustice in Hull that need addressing?

It was a challenging, informative and lively discussion and we hope J to have attracted new members of JtoJ Hull.ForumforJustice