Journey to Justice


Taster Day at Resource for London where our exhibition will be in April-May 2019

People from education, Disabled People Against Cuts, Room to Heal for refugees, Race on the Agenda, City University and Stand Up to Racism attended our taster on July 12th 2018. It was planned and delivered by JtoJ’s young volunteers Tania, Arianna, Richard, Maz and Michael. We were joined by Amina Gichinga who spoke about her experience of JtoJ in Newham. And Oonagh Gay, a LB Islington guide who told us less told stories of local people involved in struggles for rights and freedoms with the Chartists, Suffragettes, Spanish Civil War and against apartheid.

For the full programme see here.

Aims of the session

  • Introduce participants to the work of JtoJ: mission, activities, projects, approach
  • Showcase our projects: exhibition programme, work with young people
  • Discuss bringing the JtoJ exhibition programme to Islington in 2019
  • Identify potential steering group, audiences, activities, funding sources
  • Begin to explore some local, untold stories of struggles for rights and freedoms


 After a discussion about priorities for the borough – economic inequality, the impact of austerity, cultural divisions – we were delighted with the number of people who want to be part of making the project happen in Islington and look forward to working together.

 We asked: Was there an aspect of the session which inspired you or was most memorable? and participants’ answers included:

 Amina’s presentation plus the approachability and welcome from Tania and other the volunteers; I really enjoyed Oonagh’s talk about people in Islington and found it powerful to connect with others in the group over shared issues/ideas; It was all inspiring and memorable; I want to write songs with choirs on social justice and facilitate arts projects and perform with Journey to Justice; Yes, when looking at the pictures and trying to build a story; the last discussion, about Islington; most memorable was connecting to the Hillsborough tragedy; Hearing from Newham organiser.