Journey to Justice

The Local and The Global of Black Radicalism at Cambridge University CRASSH

On 22 May 2019 Mark Hutchinson and Carrie Supple led a seminar for students and staff.

This session at Cambridge University CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities) focused on our work with local communities in the UK, including those tackling racial inequality. We made connections to key actors including Bayard Rustin, Paul Robeson & more recent activists. For more detail, see:

Responses were powerful and we discussed how to bring the JtoJ exhibition programme to the city and communities of Cambridge. When asked which idea made the greatest impact and why, participants said:

“Children as activists, courage, solidarity..It reminds us that we are all in this together..I thought it was fabulous.

“Activism can be made of small steps too. There is the impression that only grandiose ideas count…This was a super session &gave me lots to think about.”

“Building community connections. It can be done! It’s achievable.”


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