Journey to Justice

The Postcards Project

Kate Malone supports our Postcards for Economic Justice project!

JtoJ is delighted to have the support of ceramicist Kate Malone whose stunning work is internationally renowned and in demand. Kate has designed a set of exquisite postcards for our fundraising project, focused on economic (in)justice.

Here she explains why.

I was introduced to Carrie, founder of Journey to Justice, by Saewon Lee a member of my studio team. I invited her to the studio for a ‘Thursday forum’ studio lunch.

Carrie discussed the objectives of  Journey to Justice  and explained that anyone can be an activist and help bring change regardless of age, sex and ethnicity.  It is an organisation that creates awareness and enables communities to bring positive change.

Community has always been important to me. It is the main drive behind the 12 public art projects I have created over the past 30 years for hospitals libraries, schools and parks both to engage with a community, a place and its history and to give something back.

I am part of many different communities: my  local community, my studio community, the ceramic making community, my academic research community, the education community, the Instagram community, my collecting community to name just a few !!… . As a community group we campaigned to keep the stone cobbles on the tiny London Hackney Mews where we live  and to limit the height of the surrounding buildings – with success. We have a voice.  Awareness is the key and kindness to others.

SO my personal message is to activate and engage and to spread the word.

About the project

A huge thanks to all those who sent their exquisite postcards to support JtoJ’s new project focused on economic justice and to mark the end of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR). This exhibition will enable the public to purchase an original artwork for a small donation. We will be launching the project any day now.

The Theme

The subject is the UNDHR Articles 22-27 focused on economic, social and cultural rights which are often neglected. We invited artists to respond to one of the articles below in their artwork and had over 50 stunning responses.

How will they be sold?

The postcards will be advertised on our website for purchase at £5 – £10 (or a special deal for multiple buys). We will also be encouraging supporters to donate what they can. The artwork will appear anonymous on our website, but will be signed on the back for the purchaser.

Watch this space!