Journey to Justice

Train the Trainers – using the JtoJ approach: history, the arts and social change

1. Introduction and Keynote (5 minutes)


2. History & Storytelling  (7 minutes)


3. Arts Activism  (6 minutes)


4. Social Change  (5 minutes)


5. Planning & Evaluation  (5 minutes)


See all parts together in a 35 minute film:


Follow Up and Impact

Challenge Prejudice and Hate Crime

Watch the film below, made by young people living in Richmond and Kingston who attend Ham Youth Centre. They have been appalled by the wave of prejudice and venom unleashed by events in the last couple of years. They wanted to make a film which could be used to raise awareness amongst their peers to enable them to reflect on essential issues like stereotyping, being a critical consumer of information and the portrayal of refugees. They also helped to create a resource pack with group work activities that schools or youth clubs could use to explore these issues further. (Ben Skelton, Youth Worker, Richmond). Some of the activities were based on those used at the JtoJ Train the Trainers course.



Marion Permaul, Head of Sociology at Sir George Monoux Sixth Form College, Waltham Forest, inspired by the TTT introduced JtoJ as part of their enrichment programme with the help of colleagues & JtoJ team members

They celebrated their achievements on June 20th

The project galvanised sixth formers to take action on LGBTQ, schizophrenia and Islamophobia (awareness raising); domestic abuse (teaching sessions with Y9 classes in two schools); safe sex (working with a nurse to help run clinics in college). Students received JtoJ certificates, several college staff attended and the college is committed to continuing the project next year. Staff commented that students involved had performed outstandingly in leadership interviews. Special credit due to Monoux sociology teachers Marion and Janine and to Martin and Tania for JtoJ.