Journey to Justice

Unforgettable memories of US Civil Rights movement veterans

Read these two fascinating articles with US Civil Rights movement veterans by JtoJ volunteer Hannah Simpson, shedding light on unforgettable experiences and their lasting impact.

Memories from Mississippi – An interview with Civil Rights veteran John Lyon Paul

Remembering the Capitol Building protest of 1965 – An interview with Civil rights veteran Jim Kates

Also of interest, watch veteran civil rights movement activist Ira Grupper in his interview with JtoJ’s Carrie Supple below:

The Ira Grupper Interviews

Dr Ira Gruper talks about how he joined the US civil rights movement as a school boy when his father took him to a demonstration in New York in solidarity with the Greensboro Woolworth’s lunch counter sit-ins. Ira became part of the Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating Committee in Mississippi, went to prison and has been active in social justice movements ever since.

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