Journey to Justice

Disability Inequality Solutions

by Michael Asamoah, Social Media Volunteer for Journey to Justice

In the year 2016 effective performance and situations of disabled and non-disabled people in the United Kingdom (UK) was not equal, however people and organisations have provided support through solutions that could help disabled people live increased healthy and happy lives.

In schools, children who had a disability were lower in performance than children who did not have one. The percentage of disabled people who did not have qualifications was higher than non-disabled people who had them. More of the disabled population were not working than the non-disabled. A majority of disabled people were living in unsuitable conditions.

The UK Government created new objectives and strategies based on their research in 2016 on equality and diversity to increase fair treatment and equal opportunities for disabled people within workplaces and will work to achieve them.

The National Health Service (NHS) will work with organisations to improve workplaces enabling the disabled population to work with less difficulty.

A College in North West London installed software on their computers to assist disabled students, these include word processors which enable dyslexic students to write notes with greater ease. Students’ disabilities were recorded using effective methods. When students report their disabilities, they receive a risk assessment.

These improvements could help disabled people in the UK live their lives by gaining increased comfort therefore giving them opportunities that are equal to non-disabled people.


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