Journey to Justice

Templates for Local Groups

The templates have been developed in 2018 based on the experience of eight very different JtoJ exhibition programmes. They were all run within a clear framework agreed by local JtoJ partners and the national organisation in a Memo of Understanding (Template One).  We’ve divided the templates into themes: Framework, Setting Up, Volunteers, PR, Exhibition, Evaluation, Events and Policies. Just click on each document according to need and you can use the checklist at the end of the guide. The exhibition will be on permanent display at the University of Leicester from the end of 2021.

If you would like to discuss hiring or have any questions please contact us via email:


TEMPLATE 1 Memorandum of Understanding including Finances MOU
TEMPLATE 2 Journey to Justice constitution


TEMPLATE 3 Local Journey to Justice co-ordinator advert and role description
TEMPLATE 4 Taster Day advert and programme and evaluation
TEMPLATE 5 Local JtoJ steering group Terms of Reference
TEMPLATE 6 Project plan
TEMPLATE 7 Funding applications summary
TEMPLATE 8 Example of a local JtoJ budget


TEMPLATE 9 Advert, application form & referees’ letter for local JtoJ volunteers
TEMPLATE 10 Role description for local volunteers
TEMPLATE 11 Local volunteer agreement with JtoJ
TEMPLATE 12 Photo and film permission form
TEMPLATE 13 JtoJ volunteer training programme


TEMPLATE 14 Example of a PR plan
TEMPLATE 15 Example of a Press Release – exhibition launch


TEMPLATE 16 Exhibition outline with dimensions
TEMPLATE 17 Examples of exhibition launch programmes
TEMPLATE 18 Example of an exhibition trail


TEMPLATE 19 Examples of JtoJ Exhibition Exit Surveys & Equality Monitoring Form
TEMPLATE 20 Equality monitoring form
TEMPLATE 21 Outcomes and indicators for Journey to Justice
TEMPLATE 22 Monitoring and evaluation guidance
TEMPLATE 23 Event planning and checklist
TEMPLATE 24 Volunteers’ case study guide
TEMPLATE 25 JtoJ case studies


TEMPLATE 26 JtoJ Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
TEMPLATE 27 JtoJ Safeguarding policy for children and vulnerable adults
TEMPLATE 28 JtoJ Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessment Form
TEMPLATE 29 JtoJ Volunteer Policy
TEMPLATE 30 JtoJ Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
TEMPLATE 31 JtoJ Ethical Funding and Partnerships Policy
TEMPLATE 32 JtoJ Environmental Policy