Journey to Justice

Economic (In)Justice and disability rights

Thursday October 29th, 8-9 pm on Zoom

Come and hear Rona Topaz (Disability Officer, Open Labour London) and
Gail Ward (disabled advocate) discuss how to overcome barriers to employment for disabled people and the idea of a guaranteed basic income for all.

The focus of the event will be on issues in the workplace and institutions, what we can do and ways to get involved. Hosted by Journey to Justice as part of our Economic (In)Justice project.

Tickets are free but you need to book your place please:
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Our speakers

Gail Ward has for many years been a very active disability campaigner and an active member in the community, fighting on local issues. Despite her disabilities she continues to support ordinary people. Gail was behind Defend Tynedale Hospital Campaign and Keep the NHS Public and was out helping the community during the floods which hit communities with the Tynedale Flood Appeal, which helped many in the constituency. Gail was previously a Trustee at West Northumberland Food Bank, based in Hexham. She organised huge opposition to the bedroom tax which she feels penalises those at the bottom of the ladder and has done lots of public speaking at events across the UK against austerity measures. She has met politicians on a regular basis to discuss the effects policies have on ordinary people’s lives as well as submitted policy documents to The Labour Party. Gail founded Hands 2 Mouth Project which helped many people across the UK understand and navigate Universal Credit when it first rolled out via workshops and has worked with TUC Northern on Universal Credit and Universal Credit and Disabled Workers under COVID -19. Gail also submitted evidence to UNCRPD Inquiry on how Universal Credit violated disabled people’s rights for those needing state support.

Rona Topaz is Disability Rep for Open Labour London. She is mobility and hearing challenged and has mild vascular damage. She is a volunteer for Journey to Justice, Zero Hours Justice, MRS Independent Living, Help on Your Doorstep, London Renter’s Union and others. Rona is also Learning Disability Support Officer for Healthwatch Kingston, in addition to leading the Musical Memories dementia choir for Norden Farm Arts Centre, and hosting regular musical performances for the Likee social network. 

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