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Help take our human rights exhibition online

Since I joined Journey to Justice I have the confidence to make a change and speak out.
I learned a lot about who changed history.” 

We are seeking your support to create an action-inspiring exhibition online for all

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Recently, the pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement and the climate crisis have made us think even more about what kind of society we want to live in.

Our touring civil rights exhibition 

Stories of ordinary people who have managed to make change can galvanise us to act. For five years we’ve taken our travelling multi-arts, multi-media, interactive exhibition to fifteen places telling little known stories from the UK and the US civil rights movement. And people have told us again and again how this has inspired them. The exhibition has been seen by over 180,000 people.

Seven years ago, many of you generously supported our crowdfunding campaign to create the exhibition and have continued to be great friends of Journey to Justice.

Thank you so very much, everyone.

Now we want to reach and motivate more people in schools, colleges, universities, community groups, trade unions, local councils, businesses and individuals.

Can you help Journey to Justice put our exhibition online with its stories, music, poetry, artwork and learning resources?

The impact of Journey to Justice 

Journey to Justice has already made a huge impact. 80% of visitors to the exhibition say being involved with us has made them more active in addressing social justice issues. We don’t define what we mean by ‘action’ but examples given include:joining work-based equal opportunities teamsbecoming involved with refugee support groupsmaking a film to challenge racism and hate crime in their communitywriting poetry and creating exhibitions, songs, digital games and art installations to celebrate local human rights activistsyoung people developing a plan of action against child poverty.

We want to widen our impact and this is how! 

To ensure our online exhibition is as engaging and effective as the physical one, we will work with Surface Impression, a design agency who can bring all aspects of the exhibition to life online, including music, poetry and art.

Your contribution could galvanise thousands of people to take the first steps towards making the change they want to see, for a fairer society. Maybe you could be one of those thousands too?

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All money raised will go towards creating and promoting the exhibition.
And we would be grateful if you could share the link far and wide to
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“Wonderfully interesting, moving and inspiring.
An exhibition that deserves very high coverage. Thank you.” 

Journey to Justice

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