Journey to Justice

Training Resources

Activities for groups visiting the exhibition

Prepare learners/visitors for the JtoJ exhibition with discussion and activities in the following pdfs.

Getting Ready

Exhibition activity sheets KS2

JtoJ exhibition activities KS2 and KS3 teacher notes

Exhibition activity sheets KS3

Exhibition activities for groups of older students


Resources for Teaching Fundamental British Values

These resources were created for use in Little Ilford School, Newham, east London with Year 7 students. We hope you will find them useful wherever you are.

We were aware of controversy surrounding the FBVs (are they not universal human values?)  but decided rather to use some of the stories from our Newham exhibition – both local and from the USA – to tease out some of the complexities and nuances embedded in those values, particularly when people are taking action for human rights and social justice. What happens when one person’s individual rights threaten the rights of another? Is it justified to break an unjust law?

Holding on to our values

Holding on to your values

Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges and Barbara Henry

The black teenager who saved a racist

The Friends of Natasha


Newham 8

Asquith breaks the colour bar