Journey to Justice

The Just Food cook book


My name is Róisín. I’m 12 years old and I started secondary school in 2016. My bat mitzvah was last December and as part of becoming a bat mitzvah I decided to lead a charity fundraising project.

I chose Journey to Justice (J to J) as my charity.  In 2014 I was a volunteer at its launch event and there were lots of interesting people on stage talking about how they fought for justice through the arts and it really inspired me and made me aware and helped me become who I am today.

I made the decision to create a book of recipes from people around the world who have fought for justice. I came up with this project in order to campaign for Journey to Justice, which, in the eyes of some of my friends and family, makes me a campaigner for justice who therefore deserves a page in this recipe book.

I have always been concerned about inequality in the world and how some people just can’t get along because of silly reasons like the colour of their skin.

One of the people I admire in history is Mary Seacole who was a Black nurse in the Crimean War. She helped thousands of soldiers in the war and opened her own hospital. People like Florence Nightingale were praised for their work, whereas Mary Seacole, being a poor Black woman, was forgotten until very recently although she was very popular in her lifetime.

When I’m older I hope to be a designer or an architect and also a politician for my borough, representing the Green Party.

The funds I raise will go towards sending J to J’s exhibition all around the country and influencing young people everywhere as it did me.

I hope you decide to buy a copy (or two!). They’re only £5.00 and you can order them here: